Life’s Abundance

As a reputable and caring breeder and exhibitor of cats, it is important for me to find products that I feel great about using as well as great customer support from the companies that I work with. I chose to become a Field Rep for Life’s Abundance because I trust all of the their products (including the ones for dogs and humans as well as cats) and use them daily. I’ve listed all of their cat products on this website. If you click on the link to Life’s Abundance provided here, it will lead you directly to my profile within Life’s Abundance where you can buy directly and have the items shipped to your home. Please check back regularly because new products are being added as the Life’s Abundance product lines expand.



Looking for a recommendation specifically for your cat? Want to know how I use these products? Feel free to contact me using the information above on our Life’s Abundance Profile. You can see the products I use for my cats below.


A Few Products I Recommend: